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*Directed, edited, produced with original score by Lilia Spiegel, founder of Gen Pals

Our Goal

Combatting senior and teenage

loneliness one friend at a time 



Make friends you never though you could make

Gen Pals bridges the two generations that socialize the least. It creates a space for friendships, that usually wouldn't come about in everyday life, to thrive. 


Gaining wisdom on the past, present, and future.

Seniors and teens know the least about each other and this project gives them an opening to learn. Teens learn about professions, what it was like growing up Jewish, and how things were different. Conversely, seniors learn about what it's like growing up in 21st century and the new struggles.

Good Times!

Laughs, smiles and friends!

Gen Pals is a program that has both generations help each other get though tough times and enjoy good times together. You can always count on it being a fun, social time to energize you.

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